Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i got nothing to do.

so instead i fill up my blog . hmm today was a so so day , i got a day off today so i do my homework and try to finish it but unfortunately i cant X( . so i just stopped all my homework and play game . geez . what a pathetic human being i am .

Monday, May 28, 2007

blended day .

ahhh . today was a tiring day . i had a full day class since thursday is vesak day so we change the color class to today . well it was easy though , just arranging color and stuff but after that we got btc followed . mannn, i practically hurt my eyes and my hand were shaking like badly . it was way too contrast comparing with the first class . huhuhuhuhu . the stair assignment is not submit yet we have other assignment follow . ahh, the joy of being interior designer is nonetheless painful! after class, lele and i went to cine, try out our luck, see if we could get any seats to watch pirates 3 . we did though , but its not quite comfortable since its so in front and in the side of a cinema . boy oh boy luckily its a good movie , if its not , geez here goes my 7 dolar . . aniway i bought cute earrings and kawai butterfly necklace . haha . all 50% discount . i would love to shop but i did not have much money to waste so i just bite my fingers and hope that my parents will come earlier which wont happen since their ticket at 3rd june X( . aniway , i just got in a terrible fight with my bf who is super cold and a champion at making his girlfriend miserable . man , why do i have to stuck with the wrong man ? . hmmm since now i decided not to love him too much .

Saturday, May 26, 2007

just woke up

after this long and tiring days , i finally able to manage a sleep time between my tight schedule of doing nasty nasty homework . huhu . an doh man it was a good sleep . until my boyfriend called me and i woke up with a big headache on my head . huhu . but its alright, its okay , no prob because he video called me and i could see his cutsie little face . i miss him so dearly . i wish him to be here with me . no matter how annoying he could be . kangen kamu sayang!

aniway , today finally i finish my model , although its a bit messy but at least we had something to submit tomorrow . hope i have a good mark , because the first three model were pretty much dissapointing . haha .

hmmm im gonna go back to do other homework . ciao!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

in class

feeling tired and sleepy and oh-so-tight but dang the lecturer is not coming yet . so i dont know wht i should do since i had other homework to do in home . hmhmhm . i wanna go home and finish the other assignments so if my boyfriend come i could have fun with him . anyway , today i got 3d cad class , which is pretty much boring and wasting time , but its kinda fun since we're doing a model making of furniture and boy oh boy it gets on my nerves real bad .

aniway , last night i supposed to sleep early but then my boyfriend called and i talked while i got my eyes shut cos im sooo sleepy . I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP FOR GOD SAKE. huhuhuhuh . yeah so i left him talk on the phone by himself while im travelling to cotton island. hihi . im sorry my dear but i was just very sleepy and you were just simply miss me so .

today i got up early because i have to plot my furniture design and im so sleepy i thought i walk all the way to school.huhu

well aniway , i gotta catch up with the lesson .

ache ache aching

i dont feel well today , i mean , im okay , not sick or whatever , but my muscle are all tired and twisted , hhhh . i need a rest for one or two but this assignment , cih , it separates me from my resting time . i need rest rest rest . hxhxhxhxhxh .

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tired , stomachache but weirdly happy :)

im tired . too tired to be exact , plus i got my period today and as usual my stomach get a major stomachache . huhu . too unfortunate i just bring one panadol menstrual to campus . aghhhhh .

aniway , i feel wholatta better now cos i ate fruit and gulp 2 pills to get rid of my ache . bless you the one who create such beautiful pills :) . really is a woman's bestfriend .

hmmm , i got tons of homework to do today , and next week all interior design course will have an outing at sentosa!yiha!we're gonna have barbeque , fun games , and get to know other seniors and juniors!i hope its gonna be fun since we pay 5 dolars PLUS it will have an absency . huhuhu . if we dont came then byebye 10% of attendance . . . . . . . . . .

im so happy that :
-my parents are coming
-my boyfriend . . hmm i hope he's coming too
-my birthday is in two weeks ahead . hahahahahhahaha . presents presents come to me!
-i've finished almost 60% of my work . im a fast fast girl . haha.
-my space planning ... okay its not WHOLY correct but i dont have to come on monday which mean its MOSTLY okay .
-i can go to my highschool's party cos its my holiday . yea yea yea . reunite .

thank you ALLAH .

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the boy is mine

the song that i currently listening on by brandy and monica . haha . yes correct cos my boy is mine and mine only . however cruel he is , he's still mine and i adore him too dearly . . i miss him . i love him . and do ineed to say even more than this ?